Welcome to the 17th annual Carnaval de Salud! Our mission is to serve our community by offering health education and activities to our patrons.  To foster wellness, we raise awareness about the diseases that impact the community the most. To prepare everyone for a brighter future, we educate our youth about the health sciences.  In doing so, we stay in tune with the needs of our community and establish ourselves as future leaders of the health professions. We are so excited to bring this event to you through this website! Thank you for participating and we hope you have a great time!



Click on one of the following time travel portals to start your adventure!


The Health Awareness Project is excited to welcome you to the Health Resources Page of our virtual health fair! Click on the gear to the right to find information specific to:


  • Managing and preventing long-term diagnoses
  • Resources on COVID-19
  • Locations of free clinics in Dallas County


We are so excited to have you participate in this virtual health fair! Many local businesses have donated wonderful items that you have the chance to win as you have fun on the website throughout the day! Ways to be entered for prizes include: 


1. Getting a bingo on your bingo card
2. Commenting about fun facts you learn on our Facebook page!

If you get a bingo (5 in a row in any direction), take a picture of your bingo card and post it on our Facebook page here! We will be drawing names entered throughout the day!





We thank the following UT Southwestern students who volunteered their time to create this website.

Event Directors: Katie Smith, Jacob Stevens, Cylaina Bird

Website Development: Christine Chen, Christopher Joshi, Bilaal Hassan, Pallavi Dev, Caitlin O’Connor, Priya Garigipati, Matthew Gerberding, Chris Kung, Ashleigh Chuah

Additional web building support: Courtney Newman, Benjamin Wang, Pooja Marella

Graphic Design: Kathryn Jan, Sarah Prickett, Isabel Miller, Abhinav Thumala, Bidyut Mani, Jessica Lowe, Michelle Mao

Translation: Ben Montanez, Isabel Garcia, Guillermo Acosta, Sandra Loza-Avalos, Christian Lumley, Samantha Mendoza Stanteen, Alejandra Possu, Maria Valentina Harmjanz, Alejandro De La Torre


With special thanks to Suzi Smith (staff liaison) and Dr. Nora Gimpel (medical director) for their support.

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Carnaval de Salud, is a free community health fair serving Dallas-Fort Worth residents for the past 17 years. Historically, the fair offered free health screenings, sports physicals, cooking demonstrations, interactive health education, science exhibitions, and a carnival of games at T.J. Rusk Middle School. We worked with local community and business leaders to provide families with a wonderful day full of fun, learning, and free prizes!


Unfortunately, due to the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, we were unable to host Carnaval de Salud in person last year. However, we believe it is important to offer all that Carnaval de Salud can provide to the community. That is why this year we decided to host the 17th year of Carnaval de Salud virtually!


The changes the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the community has changed how we go about our daily life. This past year has brought a unique set of challenges; therefore, it is more important than ever to provide the community with the resources highlighted in Carnaval de Salud. Whether it is information about general health topics or specific information about COVID-19, we hope that this website can be a great resource to the community it serves.