Bean Bag Bullseye / Saturn’s Rings

Saturn's Rings


Created by: Craig Kemper

How is your aim? Test your skills at tossing bean bags at a target drawn with chalk. 

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Let's play!

Materials Needed

  • chalk
  • 6 bean bags (or other items for tossing), 3 of one color and 3 other the other

Where to play

  • Outdoors, in an open area, with a surface that can be drawn on with chalk

Number of Players

  • Two
  • Four, with players playing in teams of two
A bullseye circle drawn with chalk on pavement
Blue planet with rings


  • Players draw a “bullseye”, with three concentric circles
  • In the outermost circle, write “10”
  • In the middle circle, write “25”
  • In the inner circle, write “50”
  • Take 5 long steps away from the circle and draw a line. This will be the Throwing Line


  • Players attempt to earn as many points as possible over their three tosses, and the first to earn 300 points total wins!


  • Players line up at the Throwing Line and choose their color of bean bag
  • Players or teams alternate tossing one bean bag at the bullseye, such that
    Player 1/Team 1 tosses one bean bag, then Player 2/Team 2 tosses one bean bag,
    then back to Player 1/Team 1, until all six bean bags have been tossed
  • After all six bean bags have been tossed, players count up points using the
    numbers marked on the bullseye
      • A bean bag in the outermost circle earns the player/team 10 points. A
        bean bag in the middle circle earns 25 points. A bean bag in the inner
        circle earns 50 points.
      • A bean bag outside of the bullseye earns no points
      • Players add the points earned during this turn to their total points
  • Players gather their bean bags and return to the Throwing Line
  • Players continue taking turns tossing bean bags and counting their points until
    one player/team reaches 300 points. This player/team wins!
Blue planet with rings
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