Created by: Destini Teague and Lauren Diercks

This booth will tell you what asthma is, how it’s treated, and how to help your friends with asthma when they have an attack. 

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Asthma Awareness

Overview Questions

  • What is Asthma? 
  • How can I prevent an Asthma attack?
  • How can I help my friends who are having an Asthma attack? 

What is an asthma attack?

During an asthma attack, airways (tubes that carry air to your lungs) become swollen making it hard to breath. Swelling makes the airways smaller, and less air gets in and out of the lungs. Cells in the airways can make more mucus (a sticky, thick liquid) than usual, which can make breathing even more difficult. 

How to help a friend who is having an asthma attack:  

  1. Get them in an upright position
  2. Eliminate the trigger
  3. Follow the emergency plan (may include using a rescue inhaler) 
  4. Call 911 if: struggling to breathe even after a rescue inhaler, blue lips, or skin appears stuck to ribs
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