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Created by: Brendan Swain and Vivian Chen

This booth aims to give an overview of common poisonings in the household, provide prevention tips, and give initial steps during a poison exposure.

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Who do I call if I suspect a toxic exposure or ingestion?

What are sources of common poisonings in the house?

What are some ways to avoid poisoning?


What is poisoning?

Poisoning is when you swallow, breathe, or put something in your body that’s potentially harmful.


  • Eating lead paint
  • Drinking bleach

The Free National Poison Control Center Number 

Poison control is a group of experts that you can get help from in case you or someone you know has been poisoned!


Calling the national poison control center is a FREE service and the call will be directed to a nearby center.

If you think you or your family member has been exposed to a possible poison, you should call this number.

You will be connected to a nurse, pharmacist or doctor who can help determine the next step and whether you need to go to a hospital.

Common Exposures: Household Cleaners

Household cleaners are a common source of poisoning because a lot of them have bright colors, which can make kids think of juice.

Advice for parents:
Keep household cleaners locked away and out of sight of kids. Leave the label on the container so there is no confusion what the liquid is.

Common Sources: Medications in the Home

Pills are a common source of poisoning in the house. 

Advice for parents: Parents can prevent poisoning by keeping pills locked up or in an area where children cannot reach them.

Common Exposures: Snake Bites

Children can be bitten by snakes in the outdoors, the most common snake bite in Dallas is the Copperhead.

Signs of a snake bite include: bite marks, redness, swelling of the bite marks, pain, etc.

Advice for parents:

Try to remember the color of the snake, which can help with treatment.
Keep child still and calm, call 911 immediately, do not wash the bite or try to suck out the venom since this can make the child sicker due to increase risk of infection.

Household Tips

Here is a link to helpful rules which can prevent poisoning accidents in the house:




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