Created by: Shelby Edmonson


How fast are you? See if you can guess the words before the spaceman arrives from another planet! 

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Let's play!

Materials needed 

  • chalk

Where to Play

  • Outdoors, in an open space, on a surface that can be drawn with chalk
  • Or, if no chalk, using a piece of paper and pencils/crayons/etc.

Number of Players

  • Two or more


  • Choose one player to be the Host. All other players are Guessers. The Host then chooses a secret word and draws a blank line for each letter in the word.
  •  For example, if the Host chose the word “zipper”, then they would draw six blanks ( _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  • The Host draws a box for guessed letter to keep track
  • The Host also draws the setup for the spaceman like so: 


  1. Guessers will go one at a time.
  2. A guesser will guess any letter from the alphabet.
    • If the letter that the Guesser guessed is in the secret word, the Host will fill in each blank space that the letter occupies.
    • If the letter is not in the secret word, the Host will write the letter in the box they created. This box will contain all of the guessed letters that are not in the secret word to help the Guesser later. The Host will add to the Spaceman.
        1. For the 1st incorrect letter, the Host adds a circle for the head
        2. For the 2nd incorrect letter, add a line for the body
        3. For the 3rd & 4th incorrect letters, add arms one at a time
        4. For the 5th & 6th incorrect letters, add legs one at a time
        5. For the 7th & 8th incorrect letters, add eyes one at a time
        6. For the last incorrect letter, add a big space helmet!
  3. If a guesser thinks they know what the word is when it is their turn, they may guess the word. If they guess correctly they win, but if the word is incorrect, the Host will treat is as a wrong letter and fill in the next part of the spaceman.
  4. If the Spaceman is completed before the Guesser gets the word, the Host wins! 
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