Your PA Can!

Your PA Can!


Created by: Adriana De La Rue and Emily Peterson

Physician Assistants care for patients in many ways, including diagnosing and treating, ordering/interpreting labs, prescribing medications, and performing medical procedures, such as suturing! Come learn more about the role of PAs in medical settings!

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Physician Assistants are medical providers who are able to perform many different tasks to help treat patients and keep them healthy! They work with many other healthcare providers, such as doctors and nurses.

What Can My PA Do? 

1. PRESCRIBE: PAs can give medicine to help people feel better when they are hurt. 

2. DIAGNOSE: PAs can diagnose illnesses and disease by ordering lab tests and images of different body parts. 

3. ASSIST IN SURGERY: PAs can perform surgery with a surgeon. 

4. WORK IN ANY SETTING: PAs are able to choose what type of medicine they want to practice in. They can work in hospitals, clinics, urgent care clinics, and so many more options. 

5. PERFORM REGULAR CHECK-UPS: PAs can perform a check-up and give you advice on how to help your body stay healthy. 

6. PERFORM PROCEDURES: PAs can perform procedures, such as stitching large cuts and making casts for broken bones.


● 4 years of college

● 2-3 years of PA school (Masters’ Level)

● National Certifying Exam

● Optional residency/fellowship

Answer to Presentation Quiz

1. Give stitches to someone with a wound

2. Prescribe medicine if you are sick

3. Diagnose a disease

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