ENT Safari

ENT Safari


Created by: Tommy Emmet and Aziz Shaaban

Join us on a safari to learn about your ears, nose, and throat! We will take you through their main functions, a few common problems, and what doctors can do to fix them.

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What is ENT?

  • ENT stands for ears, nose and throat

Why is ENT important?

  • ENT is very important because we use our ears to hear, our nose to smell, and our throat to breathe and talk

How to take care of your ear, nose and throat?

  • Wash the outside of your ears regularly, but remember, earwax is good for protecting your ears so do not clean it out with a cotton swab. If it bothers you, see an ENT doctor to clean it out.

  • If your nose is stuffy, see an ENT doctor to give you medicine and fluid rinses to wash out your nose and kill germs hiding in there.
  • If your throat is itchy or you cannot breathe well, an ENT doctor can give you medicine to kill these itchy germs or can take out your tonsils so you can breathe better.
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