Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice


Created by: Isabella Shelby, Connor Eichenwald and Meghana Rao

See some cool science magic with fire, fake snow, and polymers! WARNING: please do not conduct these experiments at home.

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Fire and Ice




  • Small amounts of materials called polymers can absorb large amounts of water.

  • The reaction of a sodium polyacrylate with water can create a large amount of powdery “snow” that won’t melt and isn’t cold.




  • Different chemicals burn at different temperatures.

  • By burning a 50% alcohol – 50% water solution, we can transfer the heat from burning alcohol to the water.

  • Using this strategy, we can make a flame that won’t damage a piece of paper or cloth.



  • Many problems can be solved by creatively using science.

  • Fire can be dangerous! Don’t try this experiment at home.

  • Polymers are incredible molecules that are all around us.

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