Created by: Craig Kemper

Are you ready to play ball? Learn how to play Dinoball! Bring your best players and see who can step up to the plate and the challenge!

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Let’s Play Dinoball 

Materials Needed

  • Plastic bat and wiffle ball
  • Cones/markers to mark distance (can use any material such as shoes, shirts, etc.)
  • Markers to represent the pitcher’s mound and home base

Where to Play

  • Any open area, such as a big field

Number of Players

  • Can play with any number greater than two
  • Four players would allow for two teams of two players each so that one member can pitch and the other can bat. Then they can switch the next round.


  • Set home-plate and pitcher’s mound apart by 30 feet. 
  • Mark out distances to allow for scoring
  • For example, a ball hit 30 feet from home plate earns 1 point. Ball hit 50 feet earns 5 points. Ball hit 60 feets from plate earns 9 points. Ball hit 90 feet or over earns 20 points. *Feel free to adjust scoring and distances based on ability

Purposes & Gameplay


  • Get more points than the opposing team

Gameplay (if playing 2 on 2)

  • Before starting, decide how many rounds will be played. A round consists of each team batting five times. 
  • Team 1 starts by having one of their players pitch five times to their teammate
  • Pitches outside of the strike zone do not count as one of the five pitches unless the batter swings at it. Pitches thrown in the strike zone count as one of the five pitches whether the batter swings at it or not. *The strike zone is the area over home plate, between the batter’s knees and elbows. 
  • If you do not have five wiffle balls, measure the distance each ball is hit before retriving it for another pitch. 
  • After five swings, total up the points for team 1 for round 1 and switch to let team 2 hit. Total up the points for team 2 for round 1 and switch back to team 1. This time, the players who pitched in round 1 will now hit, and the players who hit in round 1 will now pitch. 
  • Play for as many rounds as you would like, just make sure that each team bats an equal number of times
  • This game can be played with any number of players and allows for social distancing as the mound and home plate are far apart. Just make sure to switch off between the two teams and total up the points each round
  • The team with the most points at the end of all the rounds wins
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