Hopping Hadrosaurus

Hopping Hadrosaurus


Created by: Shelby Edmonson

Come enjoy hopscotch, dinosaur style! Just grab a piece of chalk, find a good area of concrete and draw out a course for you and your friends to enjoy!

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Materials Needed

  • Chalk

Where to Play

  • Outdoors, in an open space, on a surface that can be drawn on with chalk

Number of Players

  • One or more


  • Players draw a pattern of connected boxes on the ground using the chalk. Boxes can be single file or can be placed side by side, as is shown in the picture. Boxes are then numbered starting with “1” where the player begins and moving upward in the order in which players are to hop through them


  • Players attempt to hop through the hopscotch course
  • The course can be added to or made more complex after each round in which players successfully hop through the course
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