Kylix Pong

Kylix Pong


Created by: Alexa Wilden

How’s your aim? Test your skills with a game of Kylix pong. Design your own challenging playing fields and see which of your friends can withstand the competition.

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What is a Kylix?  

Originating in Ancient Greece, a Kylix was a special type of cup made from clay.



  • Ping pong ball or bouncy ball

  • Cups of different sizes: 5 red solo cups, 5 clear solo cups, 5 small dixie cups

Where to Play

  • On a flat surface inside or outside (not carpet)

Number of Players

  • One or more


Arrange the cups according to one of the designs here. Mark a spot on the floor to make sure all players stand at least 4 feet from the closest cup.


  • Single player: Bounce the ball into the cups to remove them with as few tries possible

  • Multi-player: Bounce the ball into more cups than your opponent(s)

Single Player

  • Stand at the floor line to make sure you are at least 4 feet away from the closest cup.

  • Throw/toss/bounce the ball and try to get the ball in one of the cups.

  • If the ball lands in a cup, remove that cup from the rest and take out the ball to use for your next try. Keep track of how many tries it takes to remove all the cups.


  • Decide how many rounds you would like to play (5, 10, etc.).
  • The 1st player should stand at the floor line to make sure you are 4 ft away from cups.
  • 1st player throws/tosses/bounces ball aiming for cups. If the the ball lands in a cup, remove it and take another turn. If the ball misses the cups, give ball to next player.
  • The next player throws/tosses/bounces the ball aiming for cups. Take another turn if the ball bounces into a cup as stated above.
  • Repeat this until the players have completed all rounds or until all the cups have been removed by one player.

  • Count the number of small and large cups to determine the total number of points for each player.


  • Red solo cup = 1 point
  • Clear solo cup = 2 points
  • Small dixie cup = 3 points
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