Olympic Games

Olympic Games


Created by: Jasmina Solankee, Craig Kemper, Huong Tran, Shelby Edmonson and Alexa Wilden

Were you born to compete? If so, this is a call to athletes near and far. Grab your friends for your very own Olympic Games and see who comes out victorious!

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  • A deck of cards
  • Plenty of space around you (and water!)

Number of Players

  • Two or more

Where to play

  • At home inside or outside


  • Shuffle the deck of cards and deal the cards to each player.
  • Players should have about an equal number of cards to start with.


  • Steal as many cards from other players by having the highest number card


  • Each player should keep their deck face down
  • Each player takes one card of the top of their deck and flips it over for others to see
  • The player with the highest card wins the round and steals the other players’ cards. Place these stolen cards at the bottom of your deck
  • The losing players must perform the specific activity as designated by the suit on the card the amount of times as the number on the winning player’s card
  • Eg: if the winner of the round flipped over an 8 of spades, all other players must do 8 jumping jacks. See the image below for winning cards and exercises
  • Repeat these directions for each of the next rounds
  • Continue playing for 30 minutes or until one player has won the entire deck of cards

NOTE: If you feel too tired or do not feel good, take a break and drink some water! Only do the exercises if you are comfortable.

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