Caveman Charades

Caveman Charades


Created by: Huong Tran

How good of an actor are you? Test your skills with a friendly game of charades! May the best team win!

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Materials Needed:

Number of Players: At Least 4

Where to Play: Anywhere—just make sure you have enough space to act stuff out!

Set Up:

  • None if you’re using the website, just access the link and you’ll be ready to play
  • If you’re not using the website:
    • Cut the paper into at least 4 small card-sized pieces (if you want to save paper. If not, you can use full-sized sheets) and write a list of 5 words on each piece. Make sure the words are easy to act out!
    • Shuffle the “cards” and face them upside down so you can’t see the words

Purpose: Guess more words, get more points! The team with the most points wins


  • If you are  using the website, split up into 2 teams and follow the directions on the website!
  • If you’re not using the website:
    • Split up into 2 teams
    • One person on the first team draws a card and has to act out a word on the card without saying anything
    • Other members on the same team has to guess the word
    • Once the word is correctly guessed, the same actor repeats with the rest of the words on the card and keeps going for 3 minutes
    • For each correct guess, the team gets 1 point
    • After 3 minutes, the other team will go
    • The game is played for 5 rounds. The team with the most points wins!
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