Created by: Craig Kemper

Ready for your day at court? Join royal families from around the world in a friendly game of “courtsquare?. Can you make your kingdom proud?

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Materials needed

  • Chalk or tape
  • Kickball

Where to play

  • Any flat area where you can draw out a court with tape or chalk 

Number of players

  • At least 4  


  • The court is drawn up similar to a regular foursquare court, but there will be spaces between the squares over which the ball must travel to get to other players’ squares.
  • Also, the squares are larger than usual
  • Standard foursquare is made with four 5’x5’ squares. Giant foursquare will be made with 7’x7’ squares.
  • There will also be spaces between each square


  • Four players are in the game at a time
  • A line may form behind the square to the right of the king
  • The king starts the point by serving to the jack in the square diagonal to the king
  • The Jack must hit the ball safely out of his/her square into another player’s square
  • When the ball lands in a player’s square, that player must let it bounce once, and hit it into another player’s square
  • Each player tries to avoid elimination
  • Elimination results in going to the lowest square, or to the back of the line behind the lowest square if one exists.
  • Elimination rules
    • The ball can only be hit with the hands
    • The ball cannot be hit twice in one turn
    • Hitting the ball with the body results in elimination
    • There should be no carrying or grabbing the ball when hitting it to another square
    • Hitting the ball out of bounds results in elimination
    • Hitting the ball out of turn results in elimination of the player who hit it when it was not his/her turn
  • Everyone in a square behind the player who was eliminated rotates counterclockwise toward the King’s square
  • Example: If Queen eliminated
  • Another point is started by the King serving diagonally again and the game continues
  • If the King is eliminated, the whole court rotates and so that there is a new king
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