Seizure First Aid

Seizure First Aid


Created by: Teja Sebastian and Shubhangi Mehra 

The purpose of this booth is to provide education on the signs of a seizure and how to safely assist someone having a seizure.


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What is a seizure?

A seizure is a short change in brain activity.

What are the signs of a seizure?

Remember the LUCAS!

Loss of Consciousness

Uncontrollable Arm and Leg Movement



Staring/Sudden Fall

*an aura is the warning feeling a person may have before they have a seizure


What to do when someone is
having a seizure:

1. Stay calm
2. Turn them on their side
3. Start timing the seizure
4. Stay with the person, do not restrain
5. Place something soft under their head
6. Do not put anything in their mouth

Call 911 if the seizure...

  • Lasts more than 5 minutes
  • Is the first one they have ever had
  • Is followed by another seizure
  • Causes difficulty breathing
  • Results in an injury due to fall 
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