Temple Architects

Temple Architects


Created by: Huong Tran and Shelby Edmonson

Come join the builder’s guild! Here you will learn how to design and create your own temple. Let’s see who can take theirs the highest!

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Temple of Sugar


  • Toothpicks, pretzel sticks, or uncooked spaghetti strands
  • Small marshmallows
Where to play
  • Anywhere with a flat surface that you can build on
           1. Optional: Draw up a tower design before starting, or go freestyle!
           2. Start building the tower by poking your toothpick (or building item) into a marshmallow           
           3. If you want to make the game a competition, here are a few ideas:
    • See how tall you can build your tower within 15 minutes
    • See how tall you can build your tower with only 20 sticks
    • If playing with multiple people, get someone else to judge tower designs to see who build the coolest tower!

Temple of Cards


  • A deck of cards

Where to play

  • Anywhere with a flat surface to play on

Number of players

  • One or more, though with more than three players, a second deck may be needed


  • Each player attempts to build the tallest structure in the shortest amount of time
           1. Once each player is ready, a player says go, starting the game
           2. Start building the tower using only the cards and no additional supports
                   Players may not interfere with or interrupt other players as they build
           3. If playing with multiple players, the first player to use all of their cards and create a structure that                           stands on its own wins
                   If no player is able to use all their cards, the player with the taller tower at the end when each player                       feels they can’t add any more, wins.
           4. If playing with one player, the game ends when you can’t add more cards without the tower falling
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