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Child Development

Child Development HEALTH Created by: Devin Shah and Priya Chelliah Your child’s development is really important for their future growth and health. Look at our page and video to learn about milestones, how to track your child’s development as they grow, and how to get help if you are concerned! View the handout as a […]

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Jeopardy GAMES Created by: Jasmina Solankee, Craig Kemper, Huong Tran, Shelby Edmonson and Alexis Wilden How well do you know your history? Test your knowledge in this interactive quiz traveling through time! Return to…

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How Electricity Works

How Electricity Works SCIENCE Created by: Carla Madrid, Priscilla Delvalle, and Magdalena Grzemska We will demonstrate how electricity works and how it is used by household items! View this page as a PDF Return to… Let’s begin with some explanation starting at the level of atoms. Electricity is called so because of electrons. Atoms make up all of the

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Magician’s Cards

Magician’s Cards GAMES Created by: Jasmina Solankee Ever want to practice sleight of hand? Well now is your chance. Learn how to trick the best of the best with these cool card games! View this page as a PDF Return to… Let’s Play Magician’s Cards    Materials Needed 1 deck of cards Where to Play

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