Cylaina Bird

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness HEALTH Created by: Sojeong Jun and Gabriela Alejo Our booth will describe the effects of alcohol on the body and will include information about safe and unsafe drinking habits   View this page as a PDF Return to… Did you know? What is a drink?    One standard drink contains 14g of pure alcohol. …

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Caveman Charades

Caveman Charades GAMES Created by: Huong Tran How good of an actor are you? Test your skills with a friendly game of charades! May the best team win! View this page as a PDF Return to… Materials Needed:  Internet access to use this website:  If no internet: pen and paper Number of Players: At …

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A Dinosaur Dental Adventure

A Dinosaur Dental Adventure Science Created by: Tyler Cepica, Sarah Bivans, Madeline Tovar, and Joanna Assadourian A couple of scientists accidentally travel back in time to the Dinosaur Age where we encounter dinosaur in need of a tooth cleaning. The scientists then proceed to make Dinosaur toothpaste for the Dinosaur and his owner! Return to…

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