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Temple Architects

Temple Architects GAMES Created by: Huong Tran and Shelby Edmonson Come join the builder’s guild! Here you will learn how to design and create your own temple. Let’s see who can take theirs the highest! View this page as a PDF Return to… Temple of Sugar Materials Toothpicks, pretzel sticks, or uncooked spaghetti strands Small marshmallows […]

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What is Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)?

What is Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)? HEALTH Created by: Madeline Sparks and Samantha Brocklehurst Growing families need good fuel! Come get nutrition tips on how to keep mothers, babies, and children healthy and happy, as well as information about accessing the WIC Special Supplemental Nutrition Program. View this page as a PDF Return to… https://vimeo.com/540179874

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Taking care of your skin

Taking care of your skin HEALTH Created by: Elly Kolitz and Juliana Pineider Our booth aims to increase awareness about skin hygiene and sun protection. We will be discussing skincare and the importance of sunscreen, the different types, how to apply it and how often. View this page as a PDF Return to… https://vimeo.com/540179561 Taking care

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Skin of Color

Skin of Color HEALTH Created by: Lucio Zapata and Maya Adams People with skin of color are of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with cutaneous diseases that present differently or are unique to this population. The purpose of this booth will be to promote awareness of diseases, such as melasma, vitiligo, keloids, traction alopecia, and post-inflammatory

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Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones HEALTH Created by: Roberto Gonzalez and Madeleine O’Brian The presentation will offer an overview on what osteoporosis is, protective vs risk factors, what the actual bone looks like grossly, and a matching game of risk vs protective factors.   View this activity as a PDF Return to… Healthy Bones    Click on the following

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Postpartum Health

Postpartum Health HEALTH Created by: Arti Machchhar and Angela Zhang This booth covers a variety of topics related to postpartum healthcare including: what to expect following a C-section vs a vaginal delivery, instructions for recovery, breastfeeding, constipation/hemorrhoids, and postpartum depression. View this page as a PDF Return to… Scroll through the window below to learn more!

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Personal Safety

Personal Safety HEALTH Created by: Will Wood, Keerthana Chakka, Karlyn Tunnell, Christine Park, Courtney Ann Prestwood, and Melissa Reynoso Stay safe out there! We will be going over resources and options for keeping you and your children safe staying safe around strangers and new environments. View this page as a PDF Return to… Personal Safety   

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