Pallavi Dev

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer: How to Protect Yourself HEALTH Created by: Limi Jamma and Zubaida Aslam This booth will provide education on the risk factors, prevention methods, and treatment plans of cervical cancer. We will provide a pamphlet discussing these topics for our interactive portion of the booth. Return to… How much do you know about cervical […]

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Candy Gone Viral

Candy Gone Viral SCIENCE Created by: Angela Wang, Rose Pedretti, Courtney Johnson, and Aaron Hong Come learn what hot chocolate and viruses have in common! Ever wonder how viruses actually replicate? Join us as we teach you how viruses infiltrate and hijack a cell using all ingredients you can find in your own kitchen! Return

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Kylix Pong

Kylix Pong GAMES Created by: Alexa Wilden How’s your aim? Test your skills with a game of Kylix pong. Design your own challenging playing fields and see which of your friends can withstand the competition. View this page as a PDF Return to… What is a Kylix?   Originating in Ancient Greece, a Kylix was a special

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