Be Fast: Stroke Prevention

Be Fast: Stroke Prevention HEALTH Created by: Aidan Strother, Kaitlin Jones, and Luyi Adesanya Stroke prevention can start today. Come learn about brain basics and essential lifestyle tips on how to protect yourself from a stroke. View this page as a PDF Download crossword puzzle! Return to… What is a stroke? A stroke occurs when […]

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Child Development

Child Development HEALTH Created by: Devin Shah and Priya Chelliah Your child’s development is really important for their future growth and health. Look at our page and video to learn about milestones, how to track your child’s development as they grow, and how to get help if you are concerned! View the handout as a

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Free Clinics

Free Clinics HEALTH Created by: Caleb Graham and Heather Lanier The purpose of this booth is to educate the community on the benefits of the services provided by free clinics. We will also provide material with information on free clinics that the audience can use to find the most accessible or relevant clinics for their

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What is a Concussion?

What is a Concussion? HEALTH Created by: Tri Pham, Kristen Santiago, and Emma Kim The purpose of our booth is to provide interactive and educational experiences about concussions that people of all ages can engage in and enjoy. We aim to teach people about what happens during concussions, signs and symptoms, and management and recovery process.

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