Caveman Charades

Caveman Charades GAMES Created by: Huong Tran How good of an actor are you? Test your skills with a friendly game of charades! May the best team win! View this page as a PDF Return to… Materials Needed:  Internet access to use this website:  If no internet: pen and paper Number of Players: At […]

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Hopping Hadrosaurus

Hopping Hadrosaurus GAMES Created by: Shelby Edmonson Come enjoy hopscotch, dinosaur style! Just grab a piece of chalk, find a good area of concrete and draw out a course for you and your friends to enjoy! View this page as a PDF Return to… Materials Needed Chalk Where to Play Outdoors, in an open space,

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Dinoball GAMES Created by: Craig Kemper Are you ready to play ball? Learn how to play Dinoball! Bring your best players and see who can step up to the plate and the challenge! View this page as a PDF Return to… Let’s Play Dinoball  Materials Needed Plastic bat and wiffle ball Cones/markers to mark distance

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