Courtsquare GAMES Created by: Craig Kemper Ready for your day at court? Join royal families from around the world in a friendly game of “courtsquare?. Can you make your kingdom proud? Click here to learn how to play! Return to… Materials needed Chalk or tape Kickball Where to play Any flat area where you can …

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Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference GAMES Created by: Jasmina Solankee, Craig Kemper, Huong Tran, Shelby Edmonson and Alexis Wilden Do you have a sharp eye for detail? Test your skills in this interactive game! Return to…

Magician’s Cards

Magician’s Cards GAMES Created by: Jasmina Solankee Ever want to practice sleight of hand? Well now is your chance. Learn how to trick the best of the best with these cool card games! View this page as a PDF Return to… Let’s Play Magician’s Cards    Materials Needed 1 deck of cards Where to Play …

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