Managing High Blood Sugar

If you’ve been told at a doctor’s office or at a health fair that you have high blood sugar, you may have diabetes or be close to developing diabetes. 

To reduce your risk of developing diabetes or serious complications from high blood sugar, there are several steps that you can take: 
  1. Improve your diet 
  2. Add exercise into your daily routine
  3. Take your medications regularly

1. Improve your diet! 

Learn how to make a breakfast burrito!

Navigating Grocery Stores/Food Pantries:

If you can’t get to any of the food pantries above, click here for the mobile food pantry schedule. 

Avoid the hidden sugars in beverages when shopping: 

2. Add exercise into your daily routine! 

3. Take your medications regularly! 

  • If you have concerns with seeing a doctor who is affordable and convenient, click below!
  • GoodRx is a great resource for free coupons and discounts on your medications! 
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