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Simon Says

Simon Says GAMES By: Jasmina Solankee, Craig Kemper, Huong Tran, Shelby Edmonson, Alexa Wilden  Play along with the video and learn the rules of one of the best games out there! This video will give you the chance to learn the rules so that you can continue playing afterwards. Return to…

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Your PA Can!

Your PA Can! HEALTH Created by: Adriana De La Rue and Emily Peterson Physician Assistants care for patients in many ways, including diagnosing and treating, ordering/interpreting labs, prescribing medications, and performing medical procedures, such as suturing! Come learn more about the role of PAs in medical settings! View this page as a PDF Return to… YOUR

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Asthma HEALTH Created by: Destini Teague and Lauren Diercks This booth will tell you what asthma is, how it’s treated, and how to help your friends with asthma when they have an attack.  View this page as a PDF Return to… https://vimeo.com/536621797/5aa6e9a65e Asthma Awareness Overview Questions What is Asthma?  How can I prevent an Asthma

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Vaccinations HEALTH Created by: Hayley Baker and Haley Holderness This booth serves to educate patrons on the importance of vaccines and the proper vaccination schedule to follow for both children and adults. Information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine will also be provided. Return to… View this page as a PDF Vaccination Schedule: Birth – 6 Years

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Spaceman GAMES Created by: Shelby Edmonson   How fast are you? See if you can guess the words before the spaceman arrives from another planet!  View this page as a PDF Return to… Let’s play! Materials needed  chalk Where to Play Outdoors, in an open space, on a surface that can be drawn with chalk

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Poison Control

Poison Control HEALTH Created by: Brendan Swain and Vivian Chen This booth aims to give an overview of common poisonings in the household, provide prevention tips, and give initial steps during a poison exposure. View this page as a PDF Test your knowledge with a matching game! Return to… Overview Who do I call if I

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